Christ Speak | Prayer Book | Devotional | Inspirational | Meditation | Nicole Rivera

Christ Speak is a compilation of 144 sayings from within. It is an enchiridion that can be used to inspire and encourage you on your path to individuation; a guidebook that speaks to the initiate.

As you read Christ Speak allow it to lift you up and inspire you to take action where action is needed, to be silent where silence is needed and to remind you of your purpose. Allow the words in Christ Speak to flow through you, in you and around you as you receive revelation after revelation to use as guidance in your life.

All of us have the Christ Self within us and when tuned in to this omnipotent presence that each of us are we are at our most wise, loving and powerful self we could ever hope to be.

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*Hardcover and ebook version coming soon.

Pearls of Love | Prayer Books | Nicole Rivera

Pearls of Love is a compilation of 124 sayings about divine love. Each statement about divine love is an excellent source for meditation and contemplation upon the love offered to you by your divine self. Many have come to realize that human love and divine love come from two different sources: one from the ego self and the other from the higher self. When focusing your mind upon the divine love within you you open yourself to your greater ability to love unconditionally all that surrounds you. Pearls of Love can be utilized to bring you closer to your true nature in love thereby allowing you to live a more loving, peaceful and harmonious existence with your neighbors and nature.

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Odes of a Soul is a compilation of 46 prayers to the Lord.

The prayerful one in Odes of a Soul expresses, in language akin to the scriptures, their fears and doubts as well as asks questions of the Lord; desiring to be blessed with wisdom, love and the will to proceed on their journey. In some instances, the devotee shares with the reader the Lords guidance, his answers to questions posed and his encouragement to continue on the path to individuation.

The prayers in Odes of a Soul are best read several times and contemplated upon so as to garner the greatest of gifts they offer to the reader.

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Be a God: Prayers for the Intrepid is comprised of 25 prayers and illustrations that will catapult you to the next level of awareness for which you are ready. Prayer is traditionally used as a powerful tool to call upon the assistance of Spirit. But there is another way to utilize prayer and that is to assist you in realizing who you truly are. Through the meditation upon, focus and repetition of a single prayer in Be a God you are calling forth your Divine Self to flood your consciousness. The results of these actions, practiced unfailingly and embodied fully, will set you on a course towards a more profound connection to Spirit thereby awakening within you the memory of who you truly are, where you came from and your life's purpose.

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Prayers for Everyone: Strength

Prayers for Everyone: Strength is a series of books that comprise approximately ten prayers each. Strength (Book 1) is the theme of this particular book and focuses on assisting you in harnessing your inner strength. They will remind you of how strong you truly are both mentally and spiritually. They will remind you of the powerful force that lies within you and is at your disposal in every moment. Reciting these prayers often will bring out the stronger you.

Prayer is a powerful way in which to contact our innate powers. Traditionally, prayer is thought of as asking God, or a Higher Power, for help. In this series of books, prayer is proclaiming who you are and stating it as fact. It is reclaiming your birthright as a powerful being who is meant to receive all that it desires.

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